Electric and Hybrid

The Outlander PHEV’s new larger 13.8 kWH battery allows the SUV to drive up to 45 km (WLTP) on electric power.
The PHEV’s operating system seamlessly switches between Electric Vehicle Drive Mode and two Hybrid Modes – Series Hybrid Mode and Parallel Hybrid Mode as conditions and your driving style change.

  • EV switch

    Press the EV switch on the Outlander PHEV to enter the EV Priority Mode which helps prevent the engine from starting. It allows you to manually select all-electric driving via Twin Motor 4WD for zero fuel consumption and a quiet ride without engine noise.

  • EV Drive Mode

    Electric power only. The motors power the vehicle using electricity from the battery, resulting in zero fuel consumption and zero CO₂ emissions. This drive mode is quiet, clean and powerful. Maximum speed is 135 km/h.

  • Series Hybrid Mode

    Electric power + engine assistance. The motors power the vehicle using engine-generated electricity. The engine generates electricity when the battery level is low and to increase power when accelerating rapidly or climbing hills.

  • Parallel Hybrid Mode

    Engine power + motor assistance. The engine powers the vehicle (at high speeds, etc. when engine efficiency is high) with assistance from the motors when extra power is required.