L200 Intense Manual Trade in Booster Offer

Trade in your current 4×4 for a new Mitsubishi L200 Intense Manual & you’ll receive a €1,500 Trade-in Booster*.

The all new Mitsubishi L200 has been built for maximum stability and traction, and is more rugged, solid and robust than ever before. With sculpted lines and bold features, the new L200 is designed for toughness and has reached new heights of reliability, interior comfort and manoeuvrability. Both the rugged frame and the aerodynamically contoured body of the L200 contribute to solid handling and stable on road performance. Reliable 4WD traction combines with an advanced suspension to keep you in touch with surface conditions so you stay in firm control. New Off Road mode improves traction when driving off road with the ability to select between Gravel, Mud/Snow, Sand or Rock settings.

The 2.2L turbo-charged diesel engine offers remarkable fuel economy with extremely low CO2 emissions. This direct injection clean diesel engine provides plenty of power and acceleration from the moment you start. Ample torque is generated even at mid-to-low rpm, and fuel efficiency and quietness are optimized thanks to reduced friction within the engine. What’s more, a Selective Catalytic Reduction [SCR] System controls emissions of harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx), so you can drive comfortably and cleanly.

The Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab Business (Manual) starts at €35,000, the L200 Double Cab Intense (Manual) starts at €37,850, the L200 Double Cab Intense (Automatic) starts at €39,350 and the L200 Double Cab Instyle (Automatic) starts at €41,935.

Mitsubishi L200 has a 5 Year / 100,000km Warranty and 5 years Mitsubishi Assistance Package (MAP) for cover roadside assistance and breakdown cover in Ireland and Europe.

For more information, download an L200 brochure.

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*Offer only available on the Mitsubishi L200 Intense Manual Model

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