Plug In Hybrid Battery Charging

  • Home Charging

    Connect the Outlander PHEV directly to any standard 3 pin wall socket with the included charge cable to allow home battery charging. This is a 10amp 240v 5m charging cable which will take approximately 5 hours to charge.

  • A home charge point can be installed in your home specifically to charge your Outlander PHEV. This home charge point then allows you to use the orange Mode 3 AC 230V 16A cable which is supplied as standard with the Outlander PHEV – taking approximately 4 hours to charge. The SEAI provides a grant towards the purchase of a home charge point. you can apply for this grant here.

  • Public Charging

    There are over 1100 public charge point sites across Ireland which allows the Outlander PHEV to slow charge via the Orange Mode 3 16A cable. Many of these sites also have the ability to fast charge the PHEV using a CHAdeMO DC charger. These fast chargers can charge the PHEV to 80% in approximately 25 minutes. A map of charge points can be viewed here. To access these public charge points you will need to register for public charging. Details of which can be found here.